I’m 17 years old and a Senior at Central Catholic High School in Modesto, CA. I work as the Youth Director for the Stanislaus County Californians for Trump Organization. I also work for Jeff Denham for Congress, Ken Vogel for State Assembly, Deborah Novelli for Mayor, and Bill Holly for YCCD Board of Trustees.

I volunteer because everything I do directly impacts the election, which in turn affects the community.

Whether I walk several precincts, knock out a few hundred calls in an evening, or go to campaign events, I can directly see that all of these actions , and the things that I say, help to make a voter to be more inclined to vote for my candidates.  Making sure voters feel the presence of our campaign lets them know we care about their input. If a voter sees that our campaign made the effort to connect with them while the other campaign didn't, it makes them feel valued which definitely pushes them in the right direction.

This is why I try and campaign as hard as I can; to reach as many voters as possible. I am proud to be a part of this movement, and am even prouder to fight for these candidates to represent me in their respected offices.  

I am very proud to call myself a member of the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. I believe in a limited government that uses the Constitution as its guidebook. I believe in a strong military, traditional values, strong borders, a free market economy, and a government that practices fiscal responsibility. I value a government that gives our veterans the care they deserve.  I also support states’ rights; not a federal government making mandates that the whole country has to follow. State government knows best what is right for their residents. I believe in the promise of America.

This is Why I Am A #CaliforniaRepublican.


John Houghton