What to Expect at Convention

Will the Spring 2019 convention be your first convention? Read below for what to expect.

CRP conventions are first and foremost a business meeting of the state Party, but they are also a chance to reconnect with friends and activists from around the state, talk with your Republican elected officials, learn new skills, and hear from inspiring speakers.  

Most attendees will wear business casual clothing, but come in whatever makes you comfortable!  Families are welcome, although make sure you take a look at the agenda to decide if there’s enough programming to keep your young kids interested.  The agenda in your registration packet, on the convention website, and mobile app, will be your guide for the weekend. 

Your first stop at convention will be the registration area to get your credentials.  When you pick up your registration badge, it will give you access to all of the convention trainings, workshops, and meetings.  There are typically up to a dozen committee meetings throughout the weekend, plus 4-6 trainings and workshops, all open for registered attendees.

As you walk through the convention halls, you’ll see lots of exhibitors.  From jewelry vendors to mail production shops to advocacy groups, make sure you visit the exhibitors throughout the weekend. 

Convention kicks off on Friday with the CRP Board of Directors Meeting in the morning, and the Chairman’s lunch. 

You don’t want to miss the Welcome Reception on Friday evening, which is included in your registration price as well!  The VIP Receptions and Banquets throughout the weekend do require separate ticket purchases.  If you’re not attending the banquets, there are lots of dining options in the convention area.

Throughout the convention you’ll see hospitality receptions listed on the agenda.  These are typically open to all attendees, and hosted by various candidates and organizations.  While they are scheduled any time, most of them take place on Friday and Saturday nights, after the banquets end at 9 p.m.  The receptions are a chance for socializing, and many attendees attend some or all of them!

On Saturday afternoon, you won’t want to miss our Saturday Speaker Series for a great opportunity to hear from a variety of notable speakers within Republican politics.  Sunday morning, General Session is the highlight of the convention.  At General Session, CRP Delegates sit in assigned seating by their county, while Associate Delegates and guests sit in marked areas.  Committee reports are voted on, the election for CRP offices will take place and Delegates hear reports from the Party’s officers.

When the gavel comes down at the end of General Session, convention is over…until we see you next time!