Love > illegally channeling excessive amounts of $$$ into @RepBera campaigns, Chad Mayes is the guy to know, and MORE!

CRP Staff | August 12, 2016

We all know people who have done crazy things for love. However, until Babul Bera, we have never heard of someone who, according to the Sac Bee "engaged in his criminal conduct out of 'love for his son and the excitement for his campaign," and that he got 'too excited' and had 'no political agenda.' when he channeled illegally excessive amounts of money into the campaigns of Rep. Ami Bera…’ We are still having a hard time understanding this as a primary defense and will have to write more on it next week. #BRB

Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes released a campaign ad this week- which we love because it is about our three favorite things: Freedom, The Olympics, and Dogs. Ok, it actually isn’t about dogs. However, Assemblyman Mayes is doing a lot to fight for a better Golden State, and is advocating for a #BetterWay for California through growth, equal opportunity, and an open economy. We strongly suggest you get on his band wagon. And also, watch his ad.

Thursday we re-confirmed that the Democrats continue to support corruption. As Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez states:

It is clear the Democrats do not want to stand up to corruption.  Its also clear they want to continue to protect one another as their former caucus members prepare to serve prison sentences, Melendez said. “What is even more appalling is the Democrats believe eradicating corruption is too expensive. But, wasting $100 billion on High-Speed Rail isn’t? It is shameful how misguided the Democrat majority’s priorities really are.’

Read her full press release here.

@AsmBrianJones effort to exempt California Olympic athlete’s winnings from state taxes was killed on Thursday. As John Meyers writes in the LA Times, ‘AB 1944 by Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) would have given tax-exempt status to bonuses paid by the U.S. Olympic Committee for athletes who win gold, silver or bronze medals.

Those payments — $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bronze — are considered taxable income under California law. The bill would have exempted those winnings for a four-year period starting this tax year.’

In short, the Dems are saying - Thanks for representing the USA, now give CA our cut of your cash. #typical

Californians are increasingly convinced two sets of rules exist in our state: one set for the elites, and a secondary set for the rest of us. With the pursuit of the Southern California Air Quality Management Board on the Democrats minds, we thought it worthwhile to revisit Assemblyman Travis Allen’s piece in the OC Register earlier this month; detailing the Democrats plan to, once again, try to take control of the SCAQMB (of course using their own set of rules). The SCAQMB is currently controlled by Republicans- who were elected locally (because that’s what people do when they want to represent the residents of their community). However, The Democrats have decided to make a power grab at this one- read Travis’s take.