What’s worse than a $400 million cash ransom to Iran? A $1BILLION + cash ransom to Iran, the House voted to protect sexual assault survivors this week, the majority party in California are keeping their heads in the clouds and more! 

CRP Staff | September 9, 2016

As Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman @RepEdRoyce stated, ’What on earth was the White House thinking?  Sending the worlds leading state sponsor of terror pallets of untraceable cash isnt just terrible policy.  Its incredibly reckless, and it only puts bigger targets on the backs of Americans.’ Read his full statement here.

But seriously- the administration sent three plane loads of cash (to the tune of $1.7 BILLION DOLLARS) to ‘not’ pay a ransom…in the middle of the night, on the same day Tehran agreed to release four American prisoners. Seems like an equation that adds up…??

We are siding with Senator Rubio on this one, as he so correctly put it, ‘The U.S. government should not be in the business of negotiating with terrorists and paying ransom money in exchange for the release of American hostages.” Otherwise known as common sense. Additionally, if you’re going to not do that and decide to send literally planeloads of cash to terrorists- lying about it over and over probably isn’t the best path forward either. However, we do realize that HRC has set that as the standard operating procedure for all Democrats, and have now grown accustomed to believing exactly zero percent of the nonsense you mutter. #FacePalm

Better choice- the WSJ reports, congressional Republicans introduced a bill on Tuesday that would block the Treasury Department from making any payments to Iran until Tehran returns the $1.7 billion to the U.S. and pays the American terrorism victims. Three dual U.S.-Iranian citizens are still being held in Iran. 

The AP reported this week that the House on Tuesday unanimously approved legislation put forth in part by @RepMimiWalters that outlines a federal bill of rights for survivors of sexual assault. This comes following a national outcry over the sexual assault of an unconscious woman by former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner. Read the press release here. Or if video is more your gig- check this out. #MimiForTheWin

The Sac Bee reports that, ‘Democrats’ list of this year’s accomplishments encompasses an array of policy areas with a sweep that should warm the hearts of most liberal constituencies.’ We’d say that is 1) a severe understatement and 2) warming hearts? Confirmed. The Democrats live with their heads in the clouds. Passing sweeping regulations that continue to strangle the business community and families alike. Speaker Rendon saying this was a spectacular year? We are just as scared as we are shocked by the incompetence and inability of Democrats to make logical and constructive decisions, at the false benefit of what they refer to as warming the hearts of Californians. To give credit where it’s due- it takes a special person to be able to justify taxing hard working families, forcing hundreds of businesses out of our state, allowing people to be priced out of housing markets, and just FYI gas prices are increasing and schools are still getting worse. And for whatever reason the Democrats in our state continue to tell us that this was a spectacular year- for who exactly? Right, elitist Democrats. Silly us. Thinking the government was supposed to work FOR the people. #SOS

The dogs on Capitol Hill are obviously super busy and hard at work. Attending briefings, writing legislation, mostly, trying to make America great again. It takes a super hard working pup to do ALL of this and also be really good looking. Shout out to Team @RepIssa and @MajorityLeader Kevin McCarthy, both made the list this year! #TeamCAGOP