National: On Tuesday, FBI Director Comey blasted HRC’s handling of classified information during her time as Secretary of State. He labeled her conduct “extremely careless.” Comey’s report also proved that Clinton’s statements ranged from misleading to boldfaced lies. Here’s a Summary: 6 of The Most Damning Quotes About Clinton From The FBI’s Announcement

It must be painful to be Democrat Roger Hernandez’s campaign manager— the LA Times tells us that his ‘supporters are fleeing in droves’ after a three year domestic violence restraining order was issued against him last week. In addition, Speaker Rendon stripped not only Hernandez’s committee assignments, but also rescinded his endorsement in the congressional race.

GOP shout out to Rep. Mimi Walters and Assemblywoman Young Kim who both wrote op-eds this week in the Orange County Register. Take some time this weekend to read Rep. Walters article detailing the House Republicans plan: A #BetterWay for Tax Reform. Asm. Kim’s article addresses the important fight she is leading in the legislature to address youth homelessness across our state- solid read.

Yesterday, the California Republican Party Executive Director Cynthia Bryant issued the following statement on the passing of Marian Bergeson: 'Marian Bergeson was an inspiration. As the first woman to serve in both the State Senate & Assembly she was an exceptional leader and role model for generations of young women. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family today, she will be missed by many.'

Democrat Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez decided to give her boyfriend a Veteran of the Year Award instead of selecting one of the many deserving veterans in her district. Seems legit.

Sounds like Governor Brown is softening sentences and allowing for early release of violent criminals – while trying to sell it to voters with a straight face. As Breitbart states, ‘... Governor Jerry Brown has placed before voters this November a ballot measure deceptively titled the “Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016” – when it might be more accurately dubbed the “Let Violent Criminals Out Of Prison Early Act of 2016.” The measure allows for the early release of criminals that have committed non-violent crimes...such as, domestic violence involving trauma, possession of a bomb or weapon of mass destruction, hate crime causing physical injury...WHAT?

Investigation in Southern California shows that voters’ party affiliations were changed without their consent…we pointed this issue out in Mid-May…Crickets from @CASOSvote