ICYMI: Freshman Encinitas Democrat fighting for unlimited new taxes

In office just a few months and Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner Horvath is aggressively trying to drive California’s cost of living higher than it already is.

California exceeds the national average when it comes to housing costs, utility costs, food costs and transportation costs. It leads the country in homelessness, with teachers living out of their cars and other people being forced into government-owned sheds

Six out of 10 adults say taxes are too high. But instead of fighting for taxpayer relief and listening to these hard-working Californians, Boerner Horvath, an Encinitas Democrat, is trying to make matters worse by pushing a constitutional amendment that would make it even easier for the government to raise unlimited amounts in new taxes

Naturally, politicians like Boerner Horvath say the taxes are necessary for great new projects! But this is as Boerner Horvath and her buddies in Sacramento are holding hostage funds already approved by voters for road repairs, school improvements and other infrastructure projects.

How much is too much for Boerner Horvath and her Democrat Socialist allies in the Sacramento?