Coming up Tuesday, May 23 is a special opportunity for all Yolo County Republicans. The County Central Committee is holding a fundraiser reception in Sacramento at the California Republican Party headquarters, 1001 K Street—the Ronald Reagan California Republican Center.  

The wine and hors d’oeuvres reception includes an exclusive tour of the facility conducted by State Chairman Jim Brulte who will also be available for informal photos.

At the center of the gathering will be a personal, exclusive, insider analysis of the Republican Party in California and its plans for the upcoming state elections in 2018 including its strategy for retaking the governorship by Chairman Brulte himself.

This past February, Chair Brulte was easily reelected to his third term by Republican delegates at the state convention.  Indicating the party’s regard for him, at last year’s convention, Republican delegates voted to extend the term limits for the GOP chair. The change was written in a way to apply only to Brulte, not affecting future elections.

About Chairman Brulte, Republican National Committee member Shawn Steel who himself served as chair has commented, “I think Brulte is the most phenomenal state chairman we’ve had in memory, including my own tenure.”

Brulte took over as chairman in 2013 when the party was in disarray and debt. He is largely credited with helping turn around the party’s finances. Further, he is recognized for the GOP’s successes in city council races and other local government positions throughout the state. Brulte himself served a combined 14 years in the State Senate and Assembly and is the only freshman legislator in California history to be chosen leader of his party in both of those bodies.

Today, as California Republicans survey the field of potential Republican candidates for governor, many would like that candidate to be Jim Brulte. They cite his political record, his ability to raise money, the trust he’s earned throughout the Party, and his persuasiveness  and strength in messaging.

In addition to serving as chair, Jim Brulte is currently also a principal at the public affairs firm California Strategies.

The presentation at the reception will also include an update on the work of the Yolo County Republican Party on behalf of its elected officials, candidates for office, and all Yolo County citizens.

Event Committee members include: Alzada Knickerbocker, Mark Pruner, David Reade, Dan Brown, Glenn Holderreed, John Fronefield, and Joanne Bowen.

Complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres from Yolo County vendors and growers will be included in the reception.

Attendance for an individual to the reception is $100, for a couple, $150. Contributions are welcome as well from Yolo Republicans who are unable to attend to assist in the work of the county committee. Contributions for the reception and/or the work of the committee may be made in advance at  They may also be made at the checkin table at the event itself using checks or chargecards. Parking is readily available in the nearby structure at the corner of 10th and  L.

For additional questions concerning the event or registration, you are invited to call (530) 219-8681.


May 23, 2017 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm
California Republican Party HQ
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