*Spring 2019 Organizing Convention will be held February 22 - 24 in Sacramento, CA at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento 

Friday's Lunch Keynote Speaker: 

After a long, successful business career and conservative activism dating back to the 1980's, John brought one heck of a fight to Gavin Newsom in November, earning more votes than any Republican gubernatorial candidate in recent history. 

John Cox brought to the forefront an issue at the top of every Californian's mind: affordability. John led the debate on issues like the housing and homelessness crisis, the lack of adequate water infrastructure and California's pension crisis. And like a good leader, he’ll be in Sacramento for convention to continue being a strong, conservative voice for our party. 

John Cox travelled the state—the ENTIRE state, making stops in cities and towns like Eureka, Redding, Modesto, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, Corona, San Jose, Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Diego—listening to the concerns of voters, calling for DMV audits and bringing attention to DMV dysfunction by delivering bottled water to voters stuck in unnecessarily long lines caused by the Democrat failures. Register here.

Tribute to Past Chairman – Friday Dinner

The Friday dinner at the upcoming Spring 2019 Organizing Convention will have a special tribute to the past Chairmen of the California Republican Party. This is a special opportunity to look back at memorable moments in CRP history and pay tribute to those who have served as our leaders over the last several decades. Register here.

Saturday Breakfast Banquet:

We have a special surprise for convention! National security expert Steve Yates will be giving an exciting presentation at the Saturday breakfast banquet at the upcoming CAGOP convention. We hope you’ll join us as Steve shares his stories and experiences in his presentation: The Top International Threats of 2019: How We the GOP Help Team America Win. 

Steve advised Vice President Dick Cheney on national security for five years and still heads an organization leading the way in global affairs.

Steve has advised presidential campaigns and was the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party. We are very fortunate that he was able to fit a stop at our convention into his packed schedule. Register here.



Saturday's Lunch Banquet Speaker: 

First elected in 2016, U.S. Congresswoman Liz Cheney has quickly become one of the leading conservative voices in Congress. After just one term in office, she was chosen by her fellow Republicans to serve as the chair of the House Republican Conference—the third highest-ranking position.

During her time in office, she has fought for jobs and against taxes and regulations. And building on her work as a high-ranking official in the State Department, she has helped restore America’s international standing.

She has served as a political advisor to many high-profile Republican candidates, including her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney. 

Saturday Dinner Banquet Speaker:

Everybody knows Sean Spicer. At least, polls show, they know his name and his trademark style behind the White House podium. But before the former White House Press Secretary made his mark as one of the most recognized staffers in the Trump administration, he built a decades-long career in Republican politics, witnessing and shaping the inner workings of Washington, DC, from every vantage point — as a House of Representatives communicator, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, Chief Strategist of the Republican National Committee, top advisor to presidential campaigns, and of course, White House spokesman. Few in Washington are as well-equipped as Sean to pull back the curtain and dissect what’s really happening in the nation’s capital.

Sean is the founder and President of RigWil LLC, a strategic consulting firm that provides insights to C-suite corporate and association executives. He is also the co-host of the podcast Everything’s Going to be All Right, and President of the Growth & Opportunity Fund. Since leaving the White House he has traveled the world addressing groups, corporations, forums, schools and associations as an exclusive speaker of the Worldwide Speakers Group.  Sean serves as a spokesman and senior advisor to the America First Action SuperPAC. He is a council member of the Gerson Lehrman Groupand served as a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics during the 2017-2018 academic year. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling book The Briefing, which sheds light on the headline-grabbing Trump administration’s first year as well as the 2016 campaign and his time in Washington.

Sean is a lifelong Republican operative who worked his way up through the ranks and whom colleagues know as relentless, quick-witted, and good-humored. Melissa McCarthy’s depiction of his press briefing performances earned him a spot in Saturday Night Live lore, but it was his role as the architect of the Republican National Committee’s PR strategy that earned him a reputation as one of the party’s most effective and hardest-charging strategists and communicators.

Sean helped the party successfully rebuild following losses in the 2012 election, and he then played a key role in the strategy behind the party’s sweeping 2014 victories. He was the principal communicator for the RNC, making hundreds of appearances on television and radio and disseminating the RNC’s message. Prior to the must-see 2016 primary debates, Sean worked with networks and other partners to produce a schedule that promoted higher quality, informative debates. This strategy proved successful, with the 2016 Republican primary debates breaking records for TV viewership. Register here.