We deserve honest representation in our state senator. Delgado has said she will not represent you if elected. Here are 8 reasons why you should vote against corrupt Vanessa Delgado:

  1. Strongly considering declining the Senate seat if she wins.

  2. Facing recall for pushing through proposal to allow commercial pot business in the city.

  3. She is using her power as mayor to delay her recall.

  4. She has ties to a real estate developer who was recently arrested on felony bribery charges:

  5. The state auditors called Montebello a “high-risk” city. California State Auditor Elaine Howle said, “Based on the financial records of the city of Montebello, we have serious concerns about their financial condition and their forecasting.”

  6. Delgado is also under fire for a $50 million city construction contract given to her brother.

  7. She has ties to another shady figure, Tom Calderon.

  8. Special interests, such as insurance and oil corporations, spent $1.5 million on her in the primary.