San Diego Republicans Statement on Asm. Maienschein Becoming a Democrat

SAN DIEGO -- Voters learned today that Assemblyman Brian Maienschein has changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat - just over two months after asking the voters of his district to vote for him with an "R" next to his name.

Furthermore, after the election, when things were too close to call, Maienschein demanded - and received - assistance with staffing and attorney representation at the Registrar's Office while having a million dollars cash on hand.

Chairman Tony Krvaric said: "Brian Maienschein has shown himself to be the absolute worst kind of politician; someone making decisions based on politics instead of principles.  By running for re-election as a Republican he was making a statement about who he was and now he is switching parties for self-preservation and political games."

"Blaming President Trump doesn't cut it as we had the same president in 2018 as today. I call on Brian Maienschein to do the honorable thing and resign immediately, allowing voters to elect someone under honest pretenses," Krvaric concluded.