The tunnel vision that ushers strangling regulations into law is one of the biggest flaws in the Democrats legislation. People and businesses WANT to be in California – they are willing to make cuts, restructure, and work hard to continue to be a part of the Golden State. So why do the Democrats insist on tightening the reigns and squeezing people until they just can’t make it work anymore? 

Harsh regulations and excessive taxes that are for the good of the [insert people, environment, public, etc.] have run small businesses and manufacturers out of California. Democrats are hurting Californians and their families by being unwilling to make changes to constrictive regulations that kill jobs, raise the cost of living, and make it impossible to leave our kids better off.

As one of the largest states in America and the state with the biggest population, California is a leader in producing and manufacturing, however Democrat overregulation is destroying us. The rest of the nation has consistently outpaced us in manufacturing growth and in reducing their unemployment rates. In fact, the California June to July 2016 unemployment rate increased. California isn’t creating new jobs at the rate required to keep pace with the population growth.

Over 1 million people in California are unemployed. That doesn’t take into account people who are underemployed or seasonal workers. It is clear that we are regulating our way into a crisis We must create an atmosphere in this state that encourages and prioritizes job growth, new business, and increased employment while still protecting California’s environment and our most vulnerable populations.

Opening our economy and reforming regulation will allow new businesses to start and grow in our communities, and it will create new opportunities for our friends, families, and neighbors to find stable employment. We can create an open California that makes dreams of a better life a reality.