YORBA LINDA: Josh Newman and his powerful, special-interest allies have turned desperate in the last few days of the recall election in Senate District 29, spreading misinformation in campaign ads and through manipulation of the media.

In fact, Newman and his powerful allies have spent millions of dollars propagating several myths to deflect attention from his failed record as an elected official. 

Myth: The recall is about breaking the Democrats’ supermajority in the state Legislature.

Fact: The supermajority was broken after multiple Democrat lawmakers resigned in disgrace for a mix of allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, abuse of power, etc.

This recall is an opportunity for voters with buyer’s remorse to get rid of a lemon of a state senator who has betrayed their trust at every turn.

Myth: The recall is a power grab.

Fact: Democrats have total control of this state and a 100 percent ownership of the ever-growing list of issues facing Californians, including the state’s oppressive unaffordability. And a recall puts power in the hands of the voters, where it belongs.

Myth: Voters signed the recall petition under false pretenses.

Fact: Democrats in Sacramento used this false narrative to abuse their authority to change long-standing recall rules midstream at a great expense to taxpayers. But a review of signatures proved this claim as nothing more than a desperate campaign tactic and the recall was allowed to proceed to the ballot.

Myth: The recall is unfair and an abuse of the process.

Fact: Using the democratic process is not unfair. If voters can’t use the power of a recall to prevent a lawmaker’s destructive agenda, then what is the point of a recall? Voters in SD29 were sold a bill of goods with Josh Newman, who campaigned as both practical and prudent, yet neither has proven to be true.

In addition to being the deciding vote on the gas-tax increase, which subjected commuters in his district to some of the highest gas prices in the nation, Newman voted for a government-run-healthcare bill that would have put the government in charge of all of his constituents’ healthcare decisions and would have required an additional $200 billion in new taxes (for perspective, this would have nearly doubled the total amount of taxes Californians already pay). In fact, SB-562 was so bad that the liberal Democrats in the Assembly refused to even consider it.

In his first year in the Legislature, Newman voted for a total of at least $256 billion in new taxes, showing he has no restraint when it comes to taking his voters’ hard-earned money. In fact, one of the next items on his agenda is to increase property taxes. Now what’s really unfair?

Myth: Trump is to blame for the recall.

Fact: The free-falling Newman campaign is trying to play the last card in its hand (really, the only card Democrats in California ever play), which is to blame Washington for California Democrats’ failures. President Trump didn’t raise our gas taxes, didn’t vote for a government-run healthcare bill that would double the amount Californians spend in taxes, didn’t make decisions that led to a double-digit rise in violent crime, didn’t cause homelessness in Democrat-run cities and didn’t make the state so expensive that soon only the elite will be able to afford it. That blame goes to Josh Newman and his far-left friends in Sacramento.

Myth: The recall is “bulls—t,” as he’s mentioned in recent campaign mailers.

Fact: Giving voters options is neither BS nor a reason for vulgarity, but the foul-mouthed state senator seems to have no other way of getting his message out than to dress up in animal costumes and use belligerent profanity.

Myth: The recall is a waste of taxpayer money.

Fact: While there are minor administrative costs associated with elections, this recall was consolidated to be timed with the regularly-scheduled primary election, greatly reducing costs. But the main point of the recall is that because of Josh Newman, voters are subjected to $52 billion in new gas taxes alone, which greatly exceeds the cost of any recall and will save voters money by stopping Newman’s agenda.