Proposition #: 67

A.K.A: Plastic Bag Ban Referendum

Our vote: No

Are we alone? Not at all.


Here is the bottom line:

The most confusing part about a referendum is what your vote actually means. This isn’t a new initiative; instead it is simply confirming with the voters whether or not they want to uphold the plastic bag ban enacted by the California State Legislature. 

We recommend a no vote. What would that do? A "no" vote is a vote in favor of overturning Senate Bill 270 (the plastic bag ban). The plastic bag ban is expensive for consumers in the long run and reusable bags that don’t get properly cleaned could lead to a spread of E-coli. If you’re an avid reusable bag fan that is great, but that doesn’t mean you should force people into a situation where they are either paying a lot for bags in the store or using potentially germ infected bags. Plus, a lot of people reuse the plastic bags for things around the home.

Let people choose their purchase carrying method, aka, their bag, without government interference.

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