Proposition #: 65

A.K.A: Dedication of Revenue from Disposable Bag Sales

Our vote: Yes

Are we alone? Nope – we are holding strong with our environmental friends on this one


Here is the bottom line:

First things first, Proposition 65 could be insignificant if Proposition 67 (the referendum) repeals the plastic bag ban. If 67 doesn’t come into play, then we think that Proposition 65 is a much needed addition. Right now, if you go to the grocery store and end up buying bags the money goes right back into the pockets of the grocery store owners.

If we have to pay for plastic bags for the good of the environment then why shouldn’t the money raised go toward bettering the environment too? It should. That’s all this initiative is about. Putting the money back into more positive outcomes, not letting special interests, who supported the legislation, keep money the legislature is forcing you to give them. 

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