Proposition #: 62/66

A.K.A: Death Penalty Repeal/Death Penalty Reform

Our vote: No/Yes

Are we alone? No – there are a lot of people who believe in justice


Here is the bottom line:

Reform, don’t repeal. Two propositions made it on the ballot to deal with California’s Death Penalty system. Look, we believe the death penalty is a just punishment for special circumstance murders like murdering for financial gain; multiple murders; murder with the use of a bomb; murdering a peace officer, witness, judge, prosecutor, or juror; murder while lying in wait; murder during kidnapping, torture, or sexual assault; and murder to enhance gang activity.

The reform bill fixes many of the problems we have seen with the current system including the years spent waiting. This is the chance to create a working system that appropriately punishes people for committing heinous crimes.

Don’t keep the victims and their families from seeking justice. 

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