Proposition #: 60

A.K.A: Condoms in Pornographic Film

Our vote: No

Are we alone? There are so many opponents we could write a book  


Here is the bottom line:

There are already safety regulations in place that include regular testing and proof of testing for sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Plus, California regulators are working on making more comprehensive rules. #GotThis

Looking past the addition of extra safety regulations this proposition has some seriously weird concepts, like the fact that the primary author included a section that sets him up to be the “porn czar.” He would have the power to police the initiative if the attorney general doesn’t and could only be ousted with a majority vote in the Senate and Assembly. Say what?

It also allows outside parties to sue if officials don’t take action – paving the way for a new type of ambulance chaser. Who can be sued? Individuals, actors, film companies, hotels, restaurants, any place with a television.  Trial lawyers will love this.

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