Proposition #: 59

A.K.A: California Overturn of Citizens United Act

Our vote: No

Are we alone? Nope. Lots of other freedom lovers with us.


Here is the bottom line:

This is a symbolic initiative asking voters whether they think elected officials should use their authority to propose and ratify an amendment to the federal Constitution overturning the Citizens United decision. Ummmm…isn’t this why we get to vote for our elected officials?

Citizens United was a crucial decision that got spun a lot of ways, but the underlying decision was solid. The ruling said that spending money to advocate for or against a candidate was a form of free speech and couldn’t be infringed on by politicians (exactly why we have a system of checks and balances).

This is all for show. The Democrats prefer the status quo. With this do-nothing advisory proposition the Democrats get to come back and say “we’ve done something” while still having PACs spend money in their favor (it’ll still be legal after all). #HaveYourCakeAndEatItToo

Make no mistake this will not overturn Citizens United. It will do nothing to reform the political system in California.

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