Proposition #: 58

A.K.A: Non-English Languages Allowed in Publican Education Act

Our vote: No

Are we alone? No, no we are not.


Here is the bottom line:

Years ago people recognized a problem in our schools. Students that didn’t speak English as their primary language were being put into bilingual education classes that were supposed to teach them in both English and their native language. Sounds great, except it wasn’t. Students weren’t succeeding.

Schools were failing a growing student population because they weren’t teaching English at all. Not having a solid understanding of English, the students were falling behind in other subjects like math and science as well as being inadequately prepared to pursue higher education or high-paying jobs. Without effectively teaching our kids English, schools were locking students into the cycle of poverty.

Then along came Proposition 227 that changed the primary learning model from bilingual education to immersion. It didn’t take long for test scores and college admissions to rise among bilingual students who were learning English at a faster rate. Parents can still request bilingual education for their kids if they would like, but the current immersion program is working! Why would we start going backward now? 

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