Proposition #: 57

A.K.A: Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements

Our vote: No

Are we alone? Never. We have more than 150 leaders and organizations with us.


Here is the bottom line:

What’s really criminal is claiming this will only impact “non-violent” offenders. What penal code classifies as violent and what most of us would consider violent are miles apart. 


Brock Turner? Law says: “Non-violent”

Trafficking minors for sex? Law says: “Non-violent”

Hate crime that physically harms someone? Law says: “Non-violent”

Shooting a gun at a school? Law says: ”Non-violent”


We have an opportunity to stand up for victims of VIOLENT crimes by saying no to this proposition. Governor Brown obviously isn’t thinking about anything but lower prison rates. 

One of the main arguments for this is that it will save taxpayers money and keeps the most dangerous offenders locked up. Most dangerous? Not that we aren’t glad they are keeping the murderers and serial killers locked up, but what about the people who traffic our kids for sex or sexually assault someone while they are unconscious. Those depraved criminals have forever changed someone’s life and after passing the largest budget on record it is hard to believe we don’t have the money to keep them locked up and away from our friends and families. 

Realign your realignment plan and come back later Brown – we don’t want any piece of this. 

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