Proposition #: 56

A.K.A: Tobacco Tax Increase

Our vote: No

Are we alone? There is a diverse group of Naysayers  


Here is the bottom line:

A little more than 25 years ago, California started aggressively trying to stop people from smoking. Most of us have seen at least a few of the ads…they were real hot in the 90s. Their smoking cessation efforts lead to a lot of things, including a drop in the number of smokers. What it also caused was a very intolerant view toward smoking.

It’s amazing how fast the Democrats change their tune from taxing the rich to taxing the poor when you add a cigarette into the mix. Statistics tell us that the people most impacted by a tobacco tax are low-income Californians. So this increase – it’s a tax on the poor.

Now we know you’ve probably heard that it’s going to smoking cessation programs right? Wrong. It mostly goes to insurance companies and to feed bureaucracy, but they may toss a few coins they find in the couch cushions to smoking cessation programs for kids - if the photo op is right.

Oh, and the best thing – the initiative was written to skirt Prop 98 that required a certain percentage of all tax revenue to go to schools. You know, that place where kids go to learn things. Schools are the same reason that Democrats keep trying to raise your taxes (see Prop 55) so why are they exempting some taxes from going to fund schools? We’re sure it has nothing to do with their special interest friends...

We read the fine print and we are not impressed. 

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