Proposition #: 54

A.K.A: Legislative Transparency Act

Our vote: Yes

Are we alone? We have LOTS of groups, people and papers with us on this one.


Here is the bottom line:

For years Republicans have been trying to pass transparency legislation to let a little sun shine in the dark Capitol corners where late night, last minute deals are plotted. After years of being blocked by the Democrat majority and the special interests hands that feed them (#collusion), people got fed up and put it on the ballot. Now, it’s your chance to decide.

There are three key components to the proposition. The first puts bills in print for 72 hours prior to a vote so legislators have time to actually read what they are supposed to vote on. Kind of important, don’t you think? This also gets rid of “gut and amend” where legislators create entirely new bills (often controversial and poorly written) and force a vote before anyone has time to read the new language. How is that for shady?

The next two parts are all about remembering one key thing: It’s 2016. Part two would require the legislature to record their open proceedings on video and post them online within 24 hours. The last component would allow any individual to record an open legislative proceeding and use that recording for legitimate purposes. New Netflix Original?

This is a big deal for transparency and the newspaper Ed Boards think so too.

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