SACRAMENTO: Gavin Newsom is once again focused on his dreams of higher office at the expense of Californians--this time running on his imaginary accomplishments on healthcare.

To recap: When he was mayor, he spent the entire time running for higher office. When he was lieutenant governor, he did the same. In fact, in a position that he complained about having very little responsibility--one that he called "dull"--he couldn't even show up consistently

As governor for just a few months, Gavin Newsom has spent his time raising his national profile for a future run for president. He thumbed his nose at voters with a sweeping decision to stop all death row executions and then went on national talk shows without explaining himself to Californians. Then he attended an expensive, days-long photo op in El Salvador to learn what he already knew about the "root causes of migration," just to catch the eye of the national political media. 

And now he's pretending to play kingmaker in the Democrat presidential primary by touting his non-existent achievement of universal coverage, which he would argue is the precursor to killing employer-based insurance and getting everyone on a $400B government-run plan--something he promised to special interest groups--at taxpayers' expense, of course.

Once again, Gavin Newsom has proven to see the governorship as nothing more than a perch from which to dream of higher office. At some point, he's should stop worrying about how liberals in early primary states see him and start worrying about the people he was elected to serve.