CRP Chairman Brulte demands Newsom pay back salary after a report the lieutenant governor ditched work for years

SACRAMENTO On Monday, Jim Brulte, chairman of the California Republican Party, demanded the independently-wealthy Gavin Newsom pay back his lieutenant governor salary, which has risen to $146,854 per year, in response to a bombshell Los Angeles Times report that the multi-millionaire spent the last seven years skipping work.

In fact, another Los Angeles Times report shows Newsom made more than $4 million his first few years in office in addition to his state salary.

Newsom has repeatedly complained that the position of lieutenant governor – a position he sought twice – is largely ceremonial, with very few responsibilities. Yet for the responsibilities the office does have, which include sitting on boards overseeing California’s public lands, as well as the state’s higher-education system, Newsom rarely shows up.

According to the Times, Newsom “attended 54% of UC Regents meeting days, 34% for Cal State and 57% for state lands” between 2011 and 2018, but there is no indication he refused pay for days missed.

“Gavin Newsom complains that there isn’t much to do as lieutenant governor, and yet he did only between a third and a half of what little there was,” Brulte said. “I don’t know why he would even seek a position he clearly feels superior to, except he apparently used it as a platform to run for governor. He doesn’t need the money, so why doesn’t he do the right thing and pay back his salary?”