Gavin Newsom is blaming an oil-industry bogeyman for the high cost of gas in California and not Democrats' long record of imposing taxes and fees on motorists at the pump.

Gas prices in California have skyrocketed recently, surpassing $4.00 per gallon on average statewide, which is more than $1.00 above the national average.

Gavin Newsom is seeking an analysis of gas prices from the state's energy commission, blaming potential "inappropriate industry practices" and playing down the obvious impact taxes have had on gas prices. 

At least $0.98 per gallon comes from taxes as fees, as shown belowNot included are local taxes and fees that vary by location and would certainly contribute to higher costs throughout the state.

Democrats in the Legislature are considering yet another tax on oil and gas this session, which will no doubt increase the cost of gas even more. 

Gavin Newsom's confusion about why California gas prices are so high can't be serious. Democrats have proudly and repeatedly raised the cost of gas through taxes and fees, which increases the costs of goods and services. Gavin Newsom obviously knows this; if he sincerely doesn't then he only has the ostrich effect to blame.

*(The federal excise tax is included above for accuracy, but it would be included in the national average as well)