SACRAMENTO In response to the today's troubling Los Angeles Times story regarding failures with the implementation of the state's automatic voter registration program, California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson issued the following statement: 

"The news today about motor voter was extremely disturbing, but it was not surprising. It’s clear the program was not ready for primetime, but was rushed into failure because of political decisions made by the Jerry Brown Administration and Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

"As former Secretary of State Bill Jones used to say, we should have '100 percent participation, but zero tolerance for voter fraud.' Considering the program was hacked by a foreign government, registered people who are not eligible to vote, changed voters’ party affiliation and kicked other eligible voters off the rolls, it was clear that Padilla and Brown had little concern for the security of voter data and the potential for abuse. 

"We call on Acting Governor Eleni Kounalakis to immediately suspend this program until its integrity and security can be verified (Governor Newsom can rubber stamp the suspension when he returns from his vacation to El Salvador). The data in this system--drivers’ license and voter registration data--deserves absolute security. The hacking by Croatia proves we have problems.

"We also call on Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate the decision to implement motor voter when it clearly was susceptible to hacking and errors. Furthermore, the attorney general should ensure that consultants and employees working on this project are protected by whistleblower laws so they can safely come forward and shed light on these events without fear of retaliation."

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