Sacramento, CA – US Senator Dianne Feinstein is clinging to her seat, showing how out of touch with Californians she is. California Republican Party Chairman, Sen Jim Brulte (ret.), referenced a poll from the Public Policy Institute of California in his statement: “Over half of her constituents oppose her election do the US Senate; and we agree.” 

As a career politician, Senator Feinstein was not interested in the thoughts of her constitutes and decided to run for re-election anyway. Even Democrats take issue with Senator Feinstein, as Congressman Ro Khanna stated “DC insiders continue to privilege protecting one of their own over the voters' concerns.”

Senator Brulte echoed the thoughts of many Californians when he stated, “We are looking forward to a serious challenge to Dianne Feinstein, as she tries to convince Californians she deserves a fifth full term in the Senate.” Senator Feinstein is up for re-election next November. If she does not get re-elected, her last day as a US Senator will be January 3, 2019.