Statement from the California Republican Party Communications Director Kaitlyn MacGregor:

"The DCCC as well as California Congressional Democrat candidates Doug ApplegateBryan Caforio, and Michael Eggman are flagrantly violating campaign finance laws. Applegate, Caforio, and Eggman have had complaints filed against them for using coordinated funds inappropriately in their advertising and it’s time they are held accountable. It’s not only illegal and dishonest, but also hypocritical that these Democrats, who campaign on getting money out of politics, would so flagrantly disregard FEC regulations to funnel extra money to their campaigns."




Complaints allege House Democrats' Trump ads break campaign finance law


By Scott Bland

October 25, 2016 - 5AM

A conservative-leaning watchdog group is accusing the DCCC and a dozen of its candidates of using illegal advertising practices this fall, arguing in new complaints that the committee has used its ad strategy to direct extra money to a number of its campaigns.

The FEC complaints center on some of the growing number of Democratic TV ads linking Republican House candidates to Donald Trump. It's a potentially devastating line of attack given Trump's unpopularity, and the DCCC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in coordination with some candidates to help them air the ads — well in excess of the normal $48,100 limit on coordinated expenditures in most House races.

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