Rules Committee

ARTICLE V Amendment of Standing Rules and Bylaws

Section 5.01 NOTICES


Proposed amendments to the standing rules and bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Chairman no fewer than forty days prior to a meeting or convention of the Committee, who shall submit them to the Board of Directors within three business days. The Chairman shall refer proposed amendments to the Rules Committee for consideration. Notice of any proposals submitted shall be given to the delegates no fewer than twenty days prior to a meeting or convention of the Committee.

Bylaw Proposal #1

Bylaw Proposal #2


Resolutions Committee

ARTICLE II Committee

Section 2.06.06 (C)


The Resolutions Committee at all meetings of the Committee or of the Executive Committee shall receive, consider and report on all general resolutions proposed for adoption for the meetings. No proposed resolution shall be considered by the Committee or the Executive Committee at any meeting unless and until the Committee has received at least 30 days’ notice of a proposed resolution and a favorable report is submitted on the resolution by the Resolutions Committee; provided, however, the Committee or the Executive Committee, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the voting delegates present, may take up any resolution without such a favorable report of the Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee may, in its discretion, initiate and prepare proposed resolutions and report the same to the Committee or to the Executive Committee for consideration.


Chartered Volunteer Organizations Committee

ARTICLE III Miscellaneous


(A) The Committee will consider for issuance of a charter, and recognition of delegate positions and appointment rights under these bylaws, any organization whose primary purpose is supporting and promoting the Republican principles and platforms, and will not consider organizations based on special agendas, such as: Republicans motivated by profit, Republicans for certain life-style preferences or orientations, Republicans for any personal agenda.

(C) Chartering Procedures

(1) Upon receipt of a petition for issuance of a charter, the Chairman shall immediately refer the petition to the Volunteer Organizations Committee for investigation. When the committee has had sufficient time to conduct its investigation, it will report its recommendations to the Committee at least 30 days prior to its next scheduled meeting.

Volunteer Organization Committee Recommendation for Charter