Juan Hernandez is a member of the Log Cabin Republicans and the Silicon Valley Republican Central Committee, and was Co-chair of the LGBTQ State Coalition for the CA Trump Campaign.


Hear the story of Juan's experience at the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump:


Coming back from the Presidential Inauguration, I am reminded of why I am so proud to be an American. To witness President Donald J. Trump be sworn into office was such a historic and patriotic moment and gave me comfort and inspiration, knowing America will be great again. It is an incredible feeling to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who have similar views and beliefs. To see the ocean of people who came out to support the President was breathtaking.


The following day in DC after brunch, my friends and I exited a restaurant and landed in a mass of protestors from the Women’s March. In their faces I could see that they were also experiencing a sense of inspiration, but for a different, very different, reason than us. Just as we felt comradery with our peers, so did they. As I walked, I could hear Latin music blasting from a nearby parked vehicle. Now, you play Latin music, any kind of music for that matter, my body will begin to move. I reached my hand out for a dancing partner, who happened to be part of the women’s march, which lead to a circle of people dancing around us. Two opposite sides, passionate for what we each believe, together, danced peacefully. It was no longer about ‘them’ or ‘us’; it was ‘we’. This experience catapulted me further into a spirit of unity, togetherness, and comfort knowing everything can and will be alright.


This past week has been a week of executive orders as President Trump promised America. His supporters stand by his decisions, however, there are others who do not - they fear what will happen next and feel a sense of uncertainty. Those same people believe that President Trump is causing division in our Nation. I have a responsibility, a duty to do my small part in helping unite America by listening and trying to understand my brothers and sisters who do not have the same views as me, all while not losing my beliefs and values. They are scared, uncertain about their future and, for some, their automatic response is to imagine their ‘worst-case-scenario’ and act before decisions are made and plans are put in place.


We, the Grand Old Party, are a party of inclusion, a party of diversity and equal opportunity, and I strive to live those values every day of my life. My hope is that there is some way that we can all come to understand each other. For now, though, I will keep dancing with anyone who wants to dance…