Sacramento, Ca. — It’s Tax Day, and hard-working, California families are rushing to fulfill their civic duty by filing and paying their taxes on time.

But at least one Member of Congress has chosen to lead from behind. Congressman Salud Carbajal, a Santa Barbara Democrat, has repeatedly thumbed his nose at those who pay on time by accruing thousands of dollars in liens due to failure to pay.

In fact, Carbajal and his wife have had at least three federal tax liens, totaling almost $11,000, and at least two notices of default placed on their home. As both a county supervisor and member of Congress, Mr. Carbajal supported raising taxes on California families – causing Santa Barbara County to have one of the worst income disparity gaps in the country

And unlike many struggling families throughout the state, who need to work two and three jobs just to barely keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living, Carbajal spent ten years as a county supervisor, making as much as $127,756 per year. And that was before he got his big pay day in Congress, where he makes at least $174,000 in base pay.

“Income disparity in Santa Barbara County became among the worst in the nation under Salud Carbajal’s leadership,” said Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California Republican Party. “His failures at home and in Washington have a direct impact on taxpayers throughout the country.”

In Washington, he opposed efforts to balance the federal budget. Considering his poor track record with his personal finances – along with an inability to report campaign contributions on time, for which his campaign was fined $7,500 – his opposition to fiscal responsibility makes sense, and not in a good way. 

Just last week, Carbajal, took to the House floor claiming Republican proposals for tax reduction and a balanced budget are a scam. But perhaps the scam was when Democratic leadership put a man hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on the Budget Committee.

“If Mr. Carbajal wants to lecture people on taxes and propel partisan smears, he should take his financial disclosures and rhetoric door to door, starting with those forced to live in their cars on the beach thanks to his failure in leadership,” Bryant said.