Assemblyman Marc Steinorth ought to be re-elected, Governor Brown signed a bill into law that allows felons to vote, Prop. 54 is the right call to increase transparency in Sacramento, and MORE!

CRP Staff | September 30, 2016


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The San Bernardino Sun tells us that Assembly Marc Steinorth is an effective legislator that deserves to be re-elected and we agree 100%:  ‘The best reason to endorse Steinorth is that he’s an effective legislator, even as a member of the minority party, who truly represents his district. Remarkably, he has been endorsed by every mayor and every city council member — Democrat or Republican — in his 40th Assembly District.’ 39 days- let’s do this thing! @MarcSteinorth (We think it is important that everyone know that Marc Steinorth also loves dogs.)

FYI: On Wednesday, Governor Brown signed legislation that, despite significant opposition from law enforcement, allows felons in county jails to vote. Sign the petition here to tell the Democrats this is the wrong move for our state.

Yes on Prop. 54 is the right call. The more you know, the better decisions you (and your legislators) can make- am I right? According to the @FresnoBee, ‘A ‘yes’ vote would tackle this affront to transparency by prohibiting a vote on legislation unless it has been in print and published online for at least 72 hours. The initiative takes particular aim at the most egregious uses of the “gut and amend” process, which often leaves lawmakers voting on bills they’ve never read and the Californians they represent in the dark.’ Letting voters know what their elected officials are voting on, in real time, is a good thing- transparency is the right thing for government. Unless the Dems are hiding something…?

Yesterday, House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer admitted that he doesn’t think it’s likely that the Dems will take over the House come November. Nancy Pelosi disagrees with Rep. Hoyer telling Politico, ‘You don’t know this far in advance’. Reminder to Nancy: T-39.

We are just going to leave this here. @NRO #RealReasonsHillaryIsFree #BirdsofAFeather 

ICYMI: Republicans and Democrats served up a defeat to President Obama on Wednesday, overriding his veto of a bill that would give victims and the families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks a chance to sue Saudi Arabia in United States courts re: the behavior of Saudi officials that they believe could have been complicit in the attacks. Read the full Washington Times article here. The override was a bipartisan effort (exception: Senator Harry Reid). This is the first veto override of POTUS while in the White House. *Please note. A veto override requires a 2/3 vote in both the House of Representatives & the Senate, meaning that the bipartisan consensus was vast, Mr. President. If you agree with the veto- sign here.

Bathroom Reader: Hillary’s Top Lies of Debate Night #1.

On Wednesday, Governor Brown vetoed legislation introduced by @JimPAtterson559 that would have increased oversight of the Governor’s pet bullet train project. Had this legislation been adopted is would have required the CA High-Speed Rail Authority to provide detailed financial, scope and schedule info about each segment of the project, in addition to disclosing how those segments would be paid for. Instead, we will march on with a project that continues to be a Democrat money mystery pit.  FYI: The Patterson bill was adopted by both the Assembly and Senate, facing no opposition. #HighSpeedFail Read the LA Times article here.

The @AssemblyGOP released this video on Thursday- check it out!