All over the Golden State Republicans are running to make a difference and offer solutions to California's problems.  See below for 11 GOP Candidates for the State Legislature, and CLICK HERE to support our GOP team today!

 1. Assemblyman Scott Wilk – Candidate, State Senate SD-21 (Lancaster-Santa Clarita – Palmdale)
  • Wilk and his wife Vanessa are beloved in the 38th Assembly District for their dedication to serving their community their stellar sense of humor.
  • Scott’s proven successful at creating jobs in both the film and aerospace industries in Southern California.
  • Wilk voted to ensure equal pay for equal work and believes in closing the wage gap in California.
 2.  Assemblywoman Ling-Ling Chang – Candidate, State Senate SD-29 (Diamond Bar, Anaheim, La Habra)
  • Chang’s opponent enjoys campaigning in a bear suit, Chang enjoys meeting voters as herself
  • Ling Ling is Passionate about preparing students for successful careers, Chang is an outspoken champion of STEM programs in California’s schools.
  • Chang co-chairs the California Future Caucus which is focused on promoting political cooperation through millennial leadership.
3. Steve Fazio, Candidate, Senate District 27 (Woodland Hills, Calabasas)
  • We believe Steve is likely one of the only people who can hike comfortably in jeans. Impressive.
  • Fazio is small business owner with a proven history of creating jobs in LA County.
  • Steve’s served as a reserve police officer and helped establish and grow a charter school in his community to better serve LA’s students.
 4. LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich - Senate District 25
  • Antonovich can pair a tie and sweater with aplomb.
  • Former Elementary school history teacher and State Assemblyman Antonovich represents 2 Million citizens in his current position as an LA County Supervisor
  • Mike’s leadership has been noticed by the White House, he has served on multiple bipartisan presidential boards and commissions.
5.  Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, seeking re-election in AD-16 (Contra-Costa, Dublin)
  • Baker prefers Red Vines over Twizzlers.   
  • Catharine’s authored legislation to open up California’s education system, improve transportation, and water infrastructure systems.
  • A successful attorney in her own right, Catharine’s an outspoken supporter of equal pay for equal work.

6. Assemblyman Tom Lackey, seeking  re-election in AD-36 (Lancaster, Palmdale)
  • A former CHP Officer, Lackey once provided security for President Reagan during a visit to California.
  • Lackey’s authored legislation to combat driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Represents the highest minority population of any Republican in the state of California
7. Assemblyman Mark Steinorth, seeking re-election in AD-40 (Rancho Cucamonga)
  • Dogs and cats are big fans of Marc as he’s helped hundreds of pets in his district find forever homes and championed legislation to allow Californians to rescue pets locked in hot cars.
  • Steinorth works hard as a father of two and small business owner.
  • Marc is dedicated to finding a solution to California’s water crisis through investment in reusable water technology and increased water storage.

8.  Assemblywoman Young Kim, seeking re-election in AD-65 (Fullerton)
  • Young greets constituents, colleagues, friends, and staff with a hug - every time.
  • Kim is a staple in her community as a business owner and a former community outreach staffer for Congressman Ed Royce.
  • A mother of four children, Kim is dedicated to finding solutions to offer all Californians opportunities for a high quality education.
9.  Assemblyman David Hadley, seeking re-election in AD- 66 (South Bay - LA)
  • The oldest of Hadley’s four children attends the “ultimate public school,” West Point.
  • David is first Republican to represent the South Bay of Los Angeles in any legislative position in this millennium.
  • Champion of legislation that promotes entrepreneurship - believes in helping small businesses access credit and find ways to cut regulatory red tape.
10. Assemblyman Eric Linder, seeking re-election in AD-60 (Corona, Riverside)
  • Eric is the son of a Mexican immigrant father raised and educated in the community he represents.
  • Linder believes in using new technologies to better our state.
  • He built his own business offering web based marketing solutions.
  • The 91 freeway, which connects the Inland Empire to coastal communities, was finally widened thanks to Eric’s work in Sacramento.

11. Jordan Cunningham, seeking election in AD-35 (San Luis Obispo)

  • Cunningham began his professional career as a Capitol fellow for CAGOP Chairman, Senator Jim Brulte.
  • Now running his own private legal practice, Jordan Left a position in DC with the Justice Department to move home to the Central Coast to raise his children and work as a deputy DA. 
  • Cunningham is dedicated to his community recently elected on the board of the Templeton Unified School District
You've met them!  Don't forget them - there's less than 4 weeks to go - support our team today!