The California Republican Party does not have an endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate; however, we do not support Patrick Little’s candidacy.

While Patrick Little is calling himself a Republican, his anti-Semitic views are anathema to our Republican principles. He was escorted out of our convention in May, he has never been a donor and has never been a Republican activist in any capacity that I am aware of.

What I have learned about his views I find disgusting. Anti-Semitism, and all other forms of religious intolerance, is an affront to our Constitution and our American values. 

It is unfortunate that the attention Patrick Little received has drawn attention away from the recent efforts made by President Trump to support Israel.

I feel it is our place to let our voters know, particularly in the absence of an endorsed candidate, CAGOP completely denounces Patrick Little’s candidacy.

-- Chairman Jim Brulte