Meet Bill Ostrander, the Democratic Party-endorsed candidate for Assembly District 35

Here are ten things to know about Bill:

10. Bill Ostrander has declared bankruptcy not once, but twice – most recently in 2013.

9. Bill Ostrander has run for office before. Two years ago he ran for Congress – and got a whopping 5.5 percent of the vote.

8. Bill failed to pay his child support. In 2010, he failed to pay his ex-wife nearly $7,000 in alimony and child support. His ex-wife had to object in the bankruptcy proceedings because she felt he was using bankruptcy to skip out on his obligation to her and their children.

7. After twice declaring bankruptcy and not paying his child support or his creditors, Bill loaned or contributed $21,500 to his personal campaign for Congress in 2016 (see #9).

6. Bill supports SB 562 (single-payer health care) and is willing to raise your taxes by $200 billion to pay for it – and this is a bill so terrible that the Democratic leader of the Assembly said it was not “even half baked, it wasn’t even a bill” right before he killed it. Bill also supports the recently passed gas tax, saying: “It’s not that much.”

5. Bill supports blowing up Prop 13 with a proposal that is presently circulating for signatures, which would increase property taxes by $10 billion and further drive businesses and jobs out of state.

4. Bill takes credit for closing down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant, the largest private employer in San Luis Obispo County.  (This should go over very well with the IBEW employees and their families)

3. When Bill filed for bankruptcy this most recent time, he still had not paid off any of the creditors from the Central Coast from his first bankruptcy. Instead, he paid off some of the debt he owed to people outside the area, leaving central coast businesses short tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Bill often rails against special interest money in politics. But on March 9 he reported a contribution of $1,108 from the California Democratic Party. The day before, the California Democratic Party reported contributions of $353,000 in contributions from gaming interests, public employee unions, the soda industry, public utilities and developers.

1. Can you guess how many times Bill was late paying his property taxes between 2002 and 2012? If you guessed 31 times, you are right - 31 times! Bill wants to raise your property taxes, but won't pay his own. 


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