Banner/Sign Policy


The CRP must pre-approve and pre-authorize any signs and banners tor be hung within our main convention hall for general session. For pre-approval, please contact the CRP Convention Team.

All approved banners and payment (the CRP does not cover the host by the hotel or convention center to hang the banners) are to be delivered to the CRP staff at the convention by Thursday, February 21, 2019.


All candidates/organizations placing signs in the hotel are required to comply with the applicable rules.  Additionally, all candidates/organizations are required to remove their signage and dispose of it properly at the conclusion of convention.

Signs and banners are restricted to the meeting spaces; generally the hallways in and around the convention meeting rooms.  Signs should be affixed using removable painter’s tape.  Any instructions by hotel or convention center staff must be followed.

Distributing Fliers

Any fliers, information, or signature requests may only be done in the registration and exhibitor areas of the convention, and are subject to review and approval by the CRP Convention Team upon request.  The CRP reserves the right to disallow any distribution of materials.  Any individuals distributing fliers or other materials must follow hotel staff instructions.