Dan Walters hit the nail on the head today when he called out Capitol Democrats for smugly putting their personal agendas above the will of the voters.

Walters pointed out: “Democratic politicians clearly resent sharing lawmaking authority with voters…We’ve seen Democratic attorneys general twist the ballot wording of measures they oppose… and we’ve seen those attorney generals and governor refuse to defend voter-approved initiatives in court.”

Last week, we saw Democrats “thumb their noses at voters” twice in a matter of days. First, Gov. Newsom unilaterally suspended the death penalty despite two failed initiatives to end capital punishment. Not to be outdone, Assembly Democrats are pushing a rent control package just four months after a similar ballot measure was rejected by 60 percent of voters.

Walters wrapped up: “If governors and legislators can simply ignore the will of voters, or block them from making decisions politicians don’t like, then California becomes more autocratic and less small-d democratic.

 That’s the sort of thing that Third World dictators, such as Venezuela’s current despot, do. It’s the sort of thing that Democratic politicians routinely accuse Donald Trump of doing.

 It disrespects the people they purport to serve.