Affiliated Groups: Meetings/Events, Exhibitors

The deadline has passed to request a meeting or event space or to be an exhibitor. Please consider joining us Oct. 20 - 22, 2017 in Anaheim for the CAGOP 2017 Fall Convention. 

Place Materials in Attendee Convention Bags

The CRP has limited space to include information in attendee registration bags.  The following organizations are eligible for complimentary inclusion (pending approval):

  • Convention sponsors
  • CRP Chartered Volunteer Organizations
  • Organizations who have reserved meeting/reception space through the CRP during convention.  NOTE: materials must be related to the event being held at convention.
  • National Republican Party organizations such as the RNC, NRCC, and the NRSC.

To include your item in the convention bags, please do the following:

  1. Email a copy to the CRP Convention Team by Friday, February 17, for approval.  All registration bag materials must be approved by the CRP.  Any material deemed objectionable or contrary to the party’s bylaws or platform will not be approved.
  2. Please review the shipping policy and either ship or hand-deliver 1,200 copies of approved materials by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, February 22.  The CRP will not arrange for or pay for the delivery of any fliers to the hotel.  All organizations are responsible for their own printing an shipping costs.  Any items received after the deadline are not guaranteed to be put in the registration bags.