The Democrat’s new gas tax  imposes a $5.2 billion tax increase on Californians to allegedly fund transportation. This slaps us with a 12.5 cent/gallon gas tax increase, a 20 cent/gallon diesel excise tax increase, increases the annual vehicle registration tax $25-$175, and creates a $100 per year fee on zero emission vehicles. This tax disproportionately impacts low income and middle-class families, will increase the price of goods, and will do nothing to ease congestion or help clean our air! It is a #GasTaxtrophe!

If you're interested in attending a #GasTaxtrophe event in any of these counties, please contact John Freeman at 

We are excited to share with you that #GasTaxtrophe is gaining momentum, and we have more than 45 events planned and 1,000 people attending throughout the state. With your help, we expect this will continue to grow! 

The following counties will be hosting #GasTaxtrophe events:

Nevada County 

Stanislaus County

San Diego County

San Bernardino County

San Benito County

Orange County

Yolo County

Sacramento County

San Francisco County

Marin County

Del Norte County

Fresno County

Alameda County

Santa Barbara County

Los Angeles County

Butte County

Santa Clara County

San Luis Obispo County

San Joaquin County

Riverside County

Mariposa County

Humboldt County

Tulare County

Placer County